What's the best you can buy for your budget?

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

A new year can mean a new you, possibly a new bike!

No matter if you are just starting out, a seasoned rider or on the cusp of becoming a pro, there is so much choice that sometimes you need a gentle helping hand or guide to know you are getting everything you want for the budget you have. Bikes like cars can be a discernible purchase, often with many factors to continue to weigh. There's so many bikes out there, sometimes it can paralyse a decision and although all bikes have a place in the world, with a market flooded with ‘cheaper’ alternatives increasing and becoming rampant, one thing you shouldn't ignore is a dip in level of quality for your outlay. That’s why here at Langdale Lightweights, we only deal with brands and carry stock that is of value and will give you what you want. We only deal with genuine and steadfast components and parts. We work with the best brands, so we can always assure you of getting a quality product for your outlay. We are proud to offer some of the best bikes in the world from some of the most prestigious names in the industry, from handmade Italian designs, to futuristic wind tunnel developed and UCI approved manufacturers. As a bike shop, we don’t sell what we wouldn’t own ourselves. To us, quality is paramount. We're also realists. We know that budget is often one of the key differentiators in your bike purchase, but we're here to show you you can achieve quality no matter your budget (apart from specialist disciplines or the last technology on the market) So, just for you, we have been busy beavering away, to create a quick look of the bikes you should consider, suiting different disciplines at different price points.

Working with the brands we have relationships with, below is a list of bikes from Orbea, Look, Pinarello, Colnago, Basso, Cinelli, Tifosi and Ideal to suit your reason for riding and budgets spanning from under £1000 to £10,000+ (we can order just about anything from these manufacturers to your specification*)

These bikes below are what we recommend as a starting point for our conversation, there are many more bikes we have access to that we wanted to put on the list, such as the Basso Astra and Diamante SV, The Pinarello Prince, The Tifosi Auriga and many, many, many more but like we said, the conversation has to start somewhere,

If you would like to discuss any of these in more detail, or would like to tell us what you want to achieve and your budget, were ready for a chat and are open Tuesday to Friday between 10am and 5:30pm and Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

The Bikes

Sub £1,000


Tifosi CK7 Caliper Tiagra £999

See the manufacturer details here

British made, Tifosi are a staple brand in the cycling world. This perfect all-season bike, capable of handling year round British weather ensures excellent ride characteristics and durability alongside comfort-oriented geometry.

Fitted with mudguards as standard, the bike can take up to 25mm tyres, when removed tyre clearance allows for up to 28mm as well as additional mounts for pannier racks if required.


Tifosi Rostra Frameset £499 Complete build from £1199 See the manufacturer details here

Okay. we know this is slightly over £1000 but that's because the Gravel discipline is hot right now and gravel bikes under that price are extremely rare, or often have lesser known components fitted. The second Tifosi on this list, the Rostra Takes inspiration from the popular CK7. It’s a perfect aluminium all-season bike. That can handle year round British weather, long commutes and fun weekend rides on tarmac and gravel.

Without mudguards the bike can take up to 38mm tyres, when fitted, clearance allows for up to 35mm tyres. And it also has additional mounts for pannier racks if required.


Orbea MX M20 from £729 See the manufacturer details here The perfect hardtail for riders new to MTB, the Orbea Alma H50 Mountain bike is full of features you might expect from a bike with a much higher price tag. The strong but light frame ensures an alert ride with the added durability.

With a RockShox front fork features, Shimano Deore groupset that runs the ever growing in popularity 1x with a wide-ranging 11-speed cassette, it also is able to stop on a dime too, with full hydraulic disc brakes.

£1,000 - £2,000


Basso Venta £1749 Caliper Disc also version available for £2,199 See the manufacturer details here

Basso has been known for their premium race bikes and Italian heritage for over 40 years, but they now have a much wider range offering than just all out racing thoroughbreds, but with much of the trickle down geometry and technology. Basso’s new line of carbon bikes also includes frames and components that look after your wallet whilst still earning all your cycling desires and no more so than in the Venta.

For such a low price tag, what you receive is stunning value. The bike is geared for climbing, but the ride characteristics are those that we would expect from the other big-brand race machines but with a sense of flair that really only comes with an Italian brand. Gravel

Cinelli Zydeco £1,399 See the manufacturer details here

Fast, extremely stable with a confidence-inspiring ride that's suited to gravel racing and off-road adventures as much as on the tarmac in the winter months.

We’re sure you’ve been hearing a lot about the Gravel revolution /evolution of late, well Cinelli have been doing gravel for years. Zydeco LaLa is the entry level version to the astounding Zydeco gravel family. The frame is made of triple-thickness Columbus Zonal aluminium tubes, and fitted with Shimano Sora and two front rings like a road bike, thus meaning this is a perfect crossover for road, gravel and adventure. With the space available on a gravel bike, the groupset is easily upgradeable in future too.

With mechanical disc brakes, flat mount, with discs up to 160mm and compatible with hydraulic disc brakes.this bike is an entry level version which will grow with you, year after year.


Ideal Traxer

RRP £1800 Currently on sale at £1099

See the manufacturer details here

Ideal are a European manufacturer who produce top quality bikes with full manufacturers components at a reasonable price. We were blown away with Traxer hard tail 27.5. With the fitted Fox forks, Shimano XT groupset, Mach 1 rims and a Sella Italia seat.

At this price, the components stripped down are worth more than the full packaged price.


Orbea Vibe H30 £2099 See the manufacturer details here

Okay! We know, we've done it again!...It’s £99 over and it’s a commuting bike... But what a steel this is!

Electric Bike Technology has come such a long way over the past 5 years, Just look at it, most wouldn’t even realise there's an electric motor. At just 15kg (which is light for electric) it had integrated daytime running lights as standard.

£2,000 - £3,000



Cinelli Superstar disc 2021

See the manufacturer details here

This seems to be a bike that impresses everyone who rides it. It’s rarely the case, but besides the sub-8kg frame, there’s kit from Shimano, Vision and Cinelli’s own carbon finishing kit.

It is not expensive in the grand scheme of road bike prices. For the high-end componentry included as standard, it's of superb value. When climbing, Cinelli’s Superstar impresses the most. The frame has a lustrous finish which supports is overall quality, especially in the componentry, wheels and tyres. The carbon frame contributes to a very light package, at under 8kg. Allowing up to 28mm tyres, the handling is agile and responsive, yet comfortable.


Basso Tera £2,200

See the manufacturer details here The first mixed-material, semi-suspension, performance-oriented gravel solution on the market, has come from Basso! And what a stunning piece of engineering and Italian design!

With an aluminium frame with a carbon fork and a unique carbon rear triangle suspension system, the Basso Tera is an evolution in gravel bikes.

The internally routed cables provide not only clean lines but hides your cables from the elements you are likely to encounter. As with most Gravel bikes, there're optimal mounts too. From 4 bottle cage mounting positions it can also carry multiple bags throughout the frame, and you can even fit a dropper seat post too.

The star of the bike, though, is the carbon rear triangle that the Tera is built upon. Providing a unique, fixed-pivot suspension solution. Pinned to the down tube, it offers enough flex to ride out the trails you’ll be riding, but enough stiffness for full out compliance when pushing hard. .

They have built the Tera to be as versatile as possible, ready for anything you throw at it. It’s ideal for a rider looking for bike designed for versatility and all-day comfort. Whether riding through the city or taking on the most demanding of gravel and trekking adventures, the unique suspension design but can handle it all.


Orbea Alma M25


See the manufacturer details here

The Orbea Alma H20 Hardtail Mountain Bike is based on their World Cup Cross Country race bike to give you a light, fast and fun bike that is a blast to ride on single track and will also get you to work in record time if you need it.

The 2021 version of the new Alma frame is lighter than ever, offering the perfect blend of stiffness, lightweight and compliance. With the Fox forks, Shimano XT groupset, DT Swiss wheels and Maxxis Ikon tyres, the components are high spec and will not leave you wanting anymore.


Orbea Gain D50

£2,299 See the manufacturer details here

The D50, with its drop handle-bars and stealthy design, looks like a full on road bike. It certainly doesn’t even resemble an E-bike. The down tube is like an Orca, with no giveaways visually that it houses the ebikemotion battery. The X35 motor sits nicely in the rear wheel and goes very much unnoticed.

Built specifically to enhance the ride, rather than dominate it. The D50 results in an exceptionally lightweight, sportive and rideable road bike, a machine that faces the call of the tarmac, head on. There are no bulky components to reduce the riding experience, and it has minimised distractions. The electric button is even integrated into the top tube, so unsightly readouts aren't attached to the handlebars.


Argon 18 117 Frame set only


See the manufacturer details here

Okay, so we’re not going to tell you to get a full on Tri bike fully fitted like in the picture for this price. And for good reason. Triathletes are all about areo and weight, and to give you expert advice on the best Tri bike that will do the job you want it to do, you need to spend a little more. But saying that, starting with a frame that can grow with you, we would advise. And there’s no better this price point than the Argon 18 117. Its fast and comfortable as a bike, designed specifically for triathletes young or old, experienced or novice. Featuring proven aerodynamics and triathlon specific geometry, it has a high adjustable cockpit that allows for your choice of aerobar.

Yes, you will need to add a groupset, wheels, handlebar, tyres and saddle, but starting with this frame we think it could come in under the £3,000, especially if you get some 2nd hand components, or strip down your last Tri bike and put it to this frame.

£3,000 - £5,000


Look 785 Huez Proteam £4,390

See the manufacturer details here

The £3k to £5k is hotly contested, and we've had to really think about this category. There are a multitude of brilliant bikes in this range, including the Basso Astra, Orbea Orca and the new Pinarello Prince, but the Look 785 Huez just steals it for us. Weighing in at only 990 grams for the frame, the 785 Huez Disc is makes no secret of fighting in the lightweight category. This carbon dream machine with reliability and performance to boot is equipped with a Shimano Ultegra mechanical groupset and Mavic Aksium Elite wheels, the Proteam model aims for the ultimate reliability and performance. With ultra thin seatstays that offer comfort. It has aggressive but precise handling thanks to the geometry and headtube but with no compromise on safety thanks to the responsive Shimano disc brakes.


Orbea Terra M20i £3,899

See the manufacturer details here

The Orbea Terra M20i Disc Gravel Bike is the Ultimate versatile bike. From exploring gravel paths or using as a winter bike on the tarmac, the Terra offers superb performance thanks to its Orca inspired design and the latest materials.

Premium carbon makes for a light yet lively and resilient ride. With plenty of stiffness for efficient power transfer but ultimate compliance for comfort across even the roughest of routes. The well-balanced geometry is perfect for climbing too.

Coming as standard with the Fulcrum Rapid Red wheelset and gravel specific Vittoria tyres and Shimano Ultegra the components, the finishing kit set-up enables you to go anywhere.


Orbea Occam M30 £3,499 See the manufacturer details here

The Orbea Occam M30 Mountain Bike is a true modern trail bike, built for an impressive variety of rides.

With an up-to-date trail orientated geometry, the Occam features a slacker head angle for greater stability and a lower bottom bracket for a natural feel through the corners. It keeps things stable at high speed with balance aplomb.

Built to attack any trail, the 2020 Orbea Occam M30 features a top of the line spec that includes a FOX 34 Float Performance fork with 3 position adjustment and FOX DPS performance 3 custom tune shock. With Shimano XT rear-mech and updated Shimano SLX 12-speed groupset delivers fast and reliable shifting across its wide-range, and includes Shimano MT501 hydraulic disc brakes.


Orbea Gain M20

£4,299 See the manufacturer details here

The Gain is everything you need to tick off the kilometers but with assistance when needed from the X35 motor. Sleek, modern and integrated, the Orbea Gain has no ugly or oversized components to compromise your enjoyment and fun.

With custom builds that can get as light as 11kg, the Gains carbon frame is one of the leaders in the market. As on the D50, the Gain's power control centre is a discreet button on the top tube, which talks to your mobile phone, where you can see all the stats you need on battery level, etc. Integration has been a big part of the Orbea franchise over the past 2-3 years, and the gain takes advantage of this. The design has been tweaked to find the lightest, smallest and most discreet units available whilst hiding cables too. From the outside it just looks like a frame, fork and wheels.

With clearance for up to 40c tyres, on Fulcrum E racing 900 wheels which can be upgraded to the OC2 Carbon Tubeless Ready for an extra £359, Schwalbe or Vittoria tyres, The Gain is also fully kitted out with Shimano Ultegra components.


Orbea Ordu M20LTD £4,199 See the manufacturer details here

Okay, this is our first Tri bike fully equipped recommendation. And Im sure you guessed it was going to be from Orbea. Not only do you get a lot of machine for your money, but as with all Orbea bikes, you get the lifetime warranty on the frame. And for a discipline that’s all about going as fast as possible, it’s a perfect fit.

The new 2021 Ordu is all about lightness and speed. Orbea analysed the areas where large amounts of material were being used for rigidity and redesigned the shapes, adjusting the laminating process and using the best carbon fibre available, shaving the weight considerably. The frame now stands at just 1130g, the fork at just 440g, the seat post at 180g and the base bar weight at 245g.

As with most Orbeas, you can customise the whole of the bike, including the paint job. Pick your colours and make the bike you want through their MyO service.

£5,000 - £7,000


Orbea Orca M20iLTD


See the manufacturer details here

In the fight to create the lightest, sleekest road racing machine – a competition where ‘everything is everything’, marginal is huge and nothing is overlooked – the Orca M20iLTD wins by delivering less. Lower mass, invisible cables and reduced aerodynamic drag unlock a smaller footprint with bigger potential. A cross between the old Orca endurance and the Orca Aero this M20iLTD is the biggest and best-selling bike in our shop over the past year, and for good reason. It amalgamates the brand’s vast design know-how with state-of-the-art materials, construction techniques and components to result in a complete riding experience. Lower weight, increased efficiency, improved comfort and lower drag all combine to make the Orca the perfect partner with which to excel on climbs, through valleys or in sprint finishes.

The highest grade of carbon is used within the frame and forks. This carbon construction results in an increased stiffness for instantly reactive power transfer and enhanced vertical compliance for high levels of comfort. The tube sections are sculpted aerodynamically, and these are joined with the bowed fork legs and completely hidden cable routing. Together, these wind-cheating traits deliver increased speed and save energy.

The carbon rims of the Vision 40 SC wheelset or for a cheeky upgrade get the Vision 55s, are light and provide excellent climbing with nimble acceleration while their wind tunnel tuned profile allows them to slip through the air with ease.

With Shimano Ultegra Di2 configuration and the hydraulic disc brake set up supplements a bike worth every penny you are looking to spend.


Look 765 RS

£5,990 See the manufacturer details here

You don't get much more beautiful than this for a gravel bike!

This is the top end build of the Look 765 RS, there are cheaper versions, such as the non RS starting at £3,290 but this black and champagne finish and RS build is just phenomenal and would certainly be our choice! With every venture onto a gravel path, it will leave you feeling alive! It feels like something very special. Shifting on this high-end carbon frame is effortless thanks to the SRAM Force eTap electronic groupset. The LOOK components, from the saddle to the cockpit, combined with a pair of Mavic All Road gravel wheels. It's efficiency is remarkable, with increased efforts brings a big smile. Road cornering is precise and confident too. Off-road the bike tracks superbly, and the acceleration and climbing efficiency are amazing when powering over roots and small rocks.

The stiffness that allows excellent road manners, handling and acceleration makes the bike skip around on those same roots and small rocks. The WTB Riddler tires have a shallow gravel tread, and with tubes, which are perfect for gravel roads and the traversing on tarmac.

there's really not much more to say!

Just look at it!


Orbea Rallon MTeam £5,399

See the manufacturer details here

For enduro, you won't ever need another mountain style bike. This might just be the enduro bike of all trades. All in all, the Orbea Rallon is one of the top dogs for its plush confidence inspiring suspension to the clean looks, Orbea well and truly have nailed it with this enduro bike!

If you want a frame and Fox 38 forks, you can throw into the gnarliest of terrain with total confidence, line up and be competitive at the highest level of enduro racing or occasionally mix it up and go for a big day pedalling in the hills, then this bike ticks all the boxes. With full Shimano XTR, drivetrain and Raceface wheels and components with Maxxis tyres as well as the MyO customisation paint job and a Lifetime warranty to sit alongside it, The Rallon really is the king of the enduro scene.


Colnago E64 £6,099

See the manufacturer details here

A Colnago with a motor? Yes, you’ve read that right! Inspired by the beautiful Colnago C64 premium race bike, the phenomenal Italian brand brings an e-bike with the E64 with Ultegra Di2 Disc to boot. The E64 is built around an Ebikemotion motor is a hub-based system, which is connected to a battery that is stored in the down tube, The whole electric system weighs just 3.7kg, bringing the total claimed weight of the bike to 12kg.

A button moulded into the top tube is used to control the 250-watt motor, turning it on and off and adjusting the power level. The Ebikemotion system can also be app controlled and linked to your heart rate for enhanced control over the motor's functioning.

The frameset has been built up with Shimano's Ultegra Di2 groupset for smooth, reliable and fast shifting performance. Hydraulic disc brakes provide powerful stopping in all weather conditions. The Mavic Aksium Elite Evo UST EBM wheelset is strong, durable and can be set up tubeless for faster rolling and reduced punctures.

Despite its looks, the bike doesn’t actually use the same lugged tube-to-tube construction as the C64 but honestly hard to differentiate the E64 from a regular non-assisted C64.


Colnago K-ONE Frameset only £3,999 See the manufacturer details here

Yes, it’s under the band of this category, but that's because it is the frameset only. A Fully UCI approved pro frameset capable of matching the performance of the best riders in the world, the Colnago K-One Time Trial and Triathlon frameset is a demon.

Built for reaching and performing at 50km/hr and over a benefit of Colnago's extensive research in the wind tunnel, this highly customisable frameset that is designed to accommodate adjustments to find a wide range of positions for the perfect fit.

The K-One's has been refined to offer greater stability at high speeds. The bottom bracket takes the press-fit standard, and this area of the frame has been utilised for better aerodynamic performance while increasing strength and rigidity for better power transfer.

The frameset includes, Frame, Fork, Seat post, Headset, Stem, Handlebar, Extensions and risers, Brake Calipers front and rear, Front brake fairing.

Just add your chosen drivetrain, wheels, tyres and seat and you’ll own the tarmac.

£7,000 +


Pinarello F12 Dogma from £9,500

See the manufacturer details here

Without doubt the Pinarello F12 is a fast racing bike and if you have the money and want to reap the benefit, then this should be one of your ones to look at the top of your list!

You’ll have undoubtedly seen Tao, Gerriant, Egan win Grand Tours on this bike as it’s the choice of Team INEOS and is the fastest Dogma to date.

Full internal cable routing leaves a clean and unmistakable silhouette, whilst being stiffer and more aerodynamic than its predecessor the Dogma F10, the Pinarello Dogma F12 reduces drag, which in turn equals a faster performance. All cables except the brake inners are now fully hidden when the Talon Ultra handlebar is fitted, for an 85% reduction in cable drag. The new frame and fork shapes result in a 7.3% drag reduction and 10% increased stiffness at the bottom bracket. Pinarello has kept everything that was great about the F10 but improved upon it. Substantially.

At just an overall weight of around 7.6kg the frame weighs a claimed 840 grams of this, it’s Italian-made and slightly asymmetrical. In order to create a proportionate amount of stiffness to accommodate the torque on the drive side versus the non-drive side, Pinarello beefed up a few areas of the frame, and allowed for more flexion in others by making them thinner to make the power transfer as efficient as possible.

Depending on your view of Pinarello, you can say what you want about the looks and the brand, but the latest Dogma F12 is one hell of a bike, every bit the Grand Tour winner you'd expect for the money... which is top dollar, but then again this is a top performer


Pinarello Grevil+ £7,000

See the manufacturer details here

The Grevil + feels fast, both off-road and on it has the flashy aero looks of the brand’s top-end bikes. But it adds proper off-road competence, to let you go where no Pinarello ought to be. It’s great fun to ride and no slouch on tarmac either. This might be a gravel bike, but Pinarello have provided their usual care and attention to it. The fork, the tubing and the seatpost have been sculpted with wind-cheating in mind, with shapes clearly derived from the Dogma.

The + part in the Grevil name is what pushes this into the £7,000+ category of this list. There are two ranges in Gravel with Pinarello the standard Grevil made from Torayca T700 carbon fibres and this the ‘nanoalloy’ Grevil+ made from T1100 fibres. Pinarello states the extra cost lies in the frame, This production method produces composites with a ‘continuous 3D structure’. And the result is that the frame walls can be made thinner, meaning the frame is lighter. This gives extra stiffness, increases strength and provides impact resistance, along with extra vibration-damping qualities. The fitted groupset is the Sram Force 1 x 11Spd and the wheels are 650b Fulcrum with 47mm tyres, although the frame has clearance for up to 2.1in tyres (53mm) on 650b rims or 42mm tyres on 700c.

The roadie look and feel of this Gravel specific bike is emphasised further as it only weighs 9.1kg which is impressive for a bike that needs to be robust.

This bike is designed to go where the Dogma can’t, and that’s really where it excites and excels. It’s more than happy to be ridden aggressively through singletrack, yet is every bit at home hacking along kilometres of access roads and forest paths.


Orbea Oiz LTD £7699

See the manufacturer details here

This is a serious machine and a stunner to boot! The Oiz clearly deserves its position as one of the top XC full-suspension bike's right now.

Riders who love big, epic rides, where miles covered are as important as the quality of the descents will also appreciate the Oiz. It can descend well too. It is worth bearing in mind that it’s still a bike with cross-country DNA right at its core.

Having spent plenty of time on the race course under a raft of top-end world championship race teams, The Oiz is a leader in the market. But you can make it suit you too. using Orbea’s MyO program you’re able to tweak the spec at the point of purchase to customise the bike to your preferences of what you want to achieve from your cycling. Want more powerful brakes and grippier tyres? A dropper post for marathon type rides or the techiest of XC descents? No problem, it can all be designed.

This top-line Oiz is dripping in top-spec parts. There’s the SRAM XX1 AXS wireless groupset with its carbon cranks, Level Ultimate brakes and DT Swiss’s latest XC-race XRC-1200 Spline carbon wheels shod in skinny Maxxis Ikon and Ardent tyres, both 2.2in wide. The front Ikon is a triple compound tyre, while the rear Ardent is just a dual-compound version. The bike also has Fox Factory suspension with DPS shock. All coming in at around 10.6kg.


Pinarello Nytro From £6,000

See the manufacturer details here

The Dogma-inspired e-Road bike with an on-demand boost of up to 400 watts of power. Nytro is ideal for riders who want occasional assistance, or are ready to extend their ride and go further and faster; but want the beautiful design and exceptional handling of a Pinarello

Thanks to a powerful motor and large capacity battery, power assistance comes in four speeds; No support, 125 watts, 250 watts and 400 watts. On the highest setting,

Pinarello calculates a full charge should provide enough power to assist the rider up 1400 metres of climbing. The motor will only assist the rider up to 25km/hr, so there's no unfair advantage in sprinting on the club run.

Taking away the motor, you can see that this is a Pinarello road bike, modelled on the Dogma F10. That means you get a road bike that handles superbly and can be ridden without the battery, too. The full assembly weighs 13kg, or 9kg without the battery.

Our choice would be the £6,700 Shimano Ultegra Di2 11Spd Build with Fulcrum Racing 900 Wheels, although there is a Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 11Spd Build with Fulcrum Wind 400 Wheels at £10,000 if you so wish. If you aren’t fussed about Electronic shifting (see our post here about a move to electronic) then there’s a Shimano Ultegra 11Spd Build with the Fulcrum Racing 900 Wheels at just £6,000.

All models come equipped with the RAD System mounted disc brake design for powerful braking and total control in all conditions too.