What's the best you can buy for your budget?

Updated: Jan 12

A new year can mean a new you, possibly a new bike!

No matter if you are just starting out, a seasoned rider or on the cusp of becoming a pro, there is so much choice that sometimes you need a gentle helping hand or guide to know you are getting everything you want for the budget you have. Bikes like cars can be a discernible purchase, often with many factors to continue to weigh. There's so many bikes out there, sometimes it can paralyse a decision and although all bikes have a place in the world, with a market flooded with ‘cheaper’ alternatives increasing and becoming rampant, one thing you shouldn't ignore is a dip in level of quality for your outlay. That’s why here at Langdale Lightweights, we only deal with brands and carry stock that is of value and will give you what you want. We only deal with genuine and steadfast components and parts. We work with the best brands, so we can always assure you of getting a quality product for your outlay. We are proud to offer some of the best bikes in the world from some of the most prestigious names in the industry, from handmade Italian designs, to futuristic wind tunnel developed and UCI approved manufacturers. As a bike shop, we don’t sell what we wouldn’t own ourselves. To us, quality is paramount. We're also realists. We know that budget is often one of the key differentiators in your bike purchase, but we're here to show you you can achieve quality no matter your budget (apart from specialist disciplines or the last technology on the market) So, just for you, we have been busy beavering away, to create a quick look of the bikes you should consider, suiting different disciplines at different price points.

Working with the brands we have relationships with, below is a list of bikes from Orbea, Look, Pinarello, Colnago, Basso, Cinelli, Tifosi and Ideal to suit your reason for riding and budgets spanning from under £1000 to £10,000+ (we can order just about anything from these manufacturers to your specification*)

These bikes below are what we recommend as a starting point for our conversation, there are many more bikes we have access to that we wanted to put on the list, such as the Basso Astra and Diamante SV, The Pinarello Prince, The Tifosi Auriga and many, many, many more but like we said, the conversation has to start somewhere,

If you would like to discuss any of these in more detail, or would like to tell us what you want to achieve and your budget, were ready for a chat and are open Tuesday to Friday between 10am and 5:30pm and Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

The Bikes

Sub £1,000


Tifosi CK7 Caliper Tiagra £999

See the manufacturer details here

British made, Tifosi are a staple brand in the cycling world. This perfect all-season bike, capable of handling year round British weather ensures excellent ride characteristics and durability alongside comfort-oriented geometry.

Fitted with mudguards as standard, the bike can take up to 25mm tyres, when removed tyre clearance allows for up to 28mm as well as additional mounts for pannier racks if required.


Tifosi Rostra Frameset £499 Complete build from £1199 See the manufacturer details here

Okay. we know this is slightly over £1000 but that's because the Gravel discipline is hot right now and gravel bikes under that price are extremely rare, or often have lesser known components fitted. The second Tifosi on this list, the Rostra Takes inspiration from the popular CK7. It’s a perfect aluminium all-season bike. That can handle year round British weather, long commutes and fun weekend rides on tarmac and gravel.

Without mudguards the bike can take up to 38mm tyres, when fitted, clearance allows for up to 35mm tyres. And it also has additional mounts for pannier racks if required.


Orbea MX M20 from £729 See the manufacturer details here The perfect hardtail for riders new to MTB, the Orbea Alma H50 Mountain bike is full of features you might expect from a bike with a much higher price tag. The strong but light frame ensures an alert ride with the added durability.

With a RockShox front fork features, Shimano Deore groupset that runs the ever growing in popularity 1x with a wide-ranging 11-speed cassette, it also is able to stop on a dime too, with full hydraulic disc brakes.

£1,000 - £2,000


Basso Venta £1749 Caliper Disc also version available for £2,199 See the manufacturer details here

Basso has been known for their premium race bikes and Italian heritage for over 40 years, but they now have a much wider range offering than just all out racing thoroughbreds, but with much of the trickle down geometry and technology. Basso’s new line of carbon bikes also includes frames and components that look after your wallet whilst still earning all your cycling desires and no more so than in the Venta.

For such a low price tag, what you receive is stunning value. The bike is geared for climbing, but the ride characteristics are those that we would expect from the other big-brand race machines but with a sense of flair that really only comes with an Italian brand. Gravel

Cinelli Zydeco £1,399 See the manufacturer details here

Fast, extremely stable with a confidence-inspiring ride that's suited to gravel racing and off-road adventures as much as on the tarmac in the winter months.

We’re sure you’ve been hearing a lot about the Gravel revolution /evolution of late, well Cinelli have been doing gravel for years. Zydeco LaLa is the entry level version to the astounding Zydeco gravel family. The frame is made of triple-thickness Columbus Zonal aluminium tubes, and fitted with Shimano Sora and two front rings like a road bike, thus meaning this is a perfect crossover for road, gravel and adventure. With the space available on a gravel bike, the groupset is easily upgradeable in future too.

With mechanical disc brakes, flat mount, with discs up to 160mm and compatible with hydraulic disc brakes.this bike is an entry level version which will grow with you, year after year.


Ideal Traxer

RRP £1800 Currently on sale at £1099

See the manufacturer details here

Ideal are a European manufacturer who produce top quality bikes with full manufacturers components at a reasonable price. We were blown away with Traxer hard tail 27.5. With the fitted Fox forks, Shimano XT groupset, Mach 1 rims and a Sella Italia seat.

At this price, the components stripped down are worth more than the full packaged price.


Orbea Vibe H30 £2099 See the manufacturer details here

Okay! We know, we've done it again!...It’s £99 over and it’s a commuting bike... But what a steel this is!

Electric Bike Technology has come such a long way over the past 5 years, Just look at it, most wouldn’t even realise there's an electric motor. At just 15kg (which is light for electric) it had integrated daytime running lights as standard.

£2,000 - £3,000



Cinelli Superstar disc 2021

See the manufacturer details here

This seems to be a bike that impresses everyone who rides it. It’s rarely the case, but besides the sub-8kg frame, there’s kit from Shimano, Vision and Cinelli’s own carbon finishing kit.

It is not expensive in the grand scheme of road bike prices. For the high-end componentry included as standard, it's of superb value. When climbing, Cinelli’s Superstar impresses the most. The frame has a lustrous finish which supports is overall quality, especially in the componentry, wheels and tyres. The carbon frame contributes to a very light package, at under 8kg. Allowing up to 28mm tyres, the handling is agile and responsive, yet comfortable.


Basso Tera £2,200

See the manufacturer details here The first mixed-material, semi-suspension, performance-oriented gravel solution on the market, has come from Basso! And what a stunning piece of engineering and Italian design!

With an aluminium frame with a carbon fork and a unique carbon rear triangle suspension system, the Basso Tera is an evolution in gravel bikes.

The internally routed cables provide not only clean lines but hides your cables from the elements you are likely to encounter. As with most Gravel bikes, there're optimal mounts too. From 4 bottle cage mounting positions it can also carry multiple bags throughout the frame, and you can even fit a dropper seat post too.

The star of the bike, though, is the carbon rear triangle that the Tera is built upon. Providing a unique, fixed-pivot suspension solution. Pinned to the down tube, it offers enough flex to ride out the trails you’ll be riding, but enough stiffness for full out compliance when pushing hard. .

They have built the Tera to be as versatile as possible, ready for anything you throw at it. It’s ideal for a rider looking for bike designed for versatility and all-day comfort. Whether riding through the city or taking on the most demanding of gravel and trekking adventures, the unique suspension design but can handle it all.


Orbea Alma M25


See the manufacturer details here

The Orbea Alma H20 Hardtail Mountain Bike is based on their World Cup Cross Country race bike to give you a light, fast and fun bike that is a blast to ride on single track and will also get you to work in record time if you need it.

The 2021 version of the new Alma frame is lighter than ever, offering the perfect blend of stiffness, lightweight and compliance. With the Fox forks, Shimano XT groupset, DT Swiss wheels and Maxxis Ikon tyres, the components are high spec and will not leave you wanting anymore.


Orbea Gain D50

£2,299 See the manufacturer details here

The D50, with its drop handle-bars and stealthy design, looks like a full on road bike. It certainly doesn’t even resemble an E-bike. The down tube is like an Orca, with no giveaways visually that it houses the ebikemotion battery. The X35 motor sits nicely in the rear wheel and goes very much unnoticed.

Built specifically to enhance the ride, rather than dominate it. The D50 results in an exceptionally lightweight, sportive and rideable road bike, a machine that faces the call of the tarmac, head on. There are no bulky components to reduce the riding experience, and it has minimised distractions. The electric button is even integrated into the top tube, so unsightly readouts aren't attached to the handlebars.


Argon 18 117 Frame set only


See the manufacturer details here

Okay, so we’re not going to tell you to get a full on Tri bike fully fitted like in the picture for this price. And for good reason. Triathletes are all about areo and weight, and to give you expert advice on the best Tri bike that will do the job you want it to do, you need to spend a little more. But saying that, starting with a frame that can grow with you, we would advise. And there’s no better this price point than the Argon 18 117. Its fast and comfortable as a bike, designed specifically for triathletes young or old, experienced or novice. Featuring proven aerodynamics and triathlon specific geometry, it has a high adjustable cockpit that allows for your choice of aerobar.

Yes, you will need to add a groupset, wheels, handlebar, tyres and saddle, but starting with this frame we think it could come in under the £3,000, especially if you get some 2nd hand components, or strip down your last Tri bike and put it to this frame.

£3,000 - £5,000


Look 785 Huez Proteam £4,390

See the manufacturer details here

The £3k to £5k is hotly contested, and we've had to really think about this category. There are a multitude of brilliant bikes in this range, including the Basso Astra, Orbea Orca and the new Pinarello Prince, but the Look 785 Huez just steals it for us. Weighing in at only 990 grams for the frame, the 785 Huez Disc is makes no secret of fighting in the lightweight category. This carbon dream machine with reliability and performance to boot is equipped with a Shimano Ultegra mechanical groupset and Mavic Aksium Elite wheels, the Proteam model aims for the ultimate reliability and performance. With ultra thin seatstays that offer comfort. It has aggressive but precise handling thanks to the geometry and headtube but with no compromise on safety thanks to the responsive Shimano disc brakes.