Tier 4...What does it mean for you?

Following Matt Hancock MP 's announcement today 30/12/2020, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Leicester and Leicestershire have been put into Tier 4 as of 00:01 on the 31/12/2020. So, what does it mean for you and your cycling?

here is our quick overview:

- The Gov.uk website makes clear that people should not leave or be outside of their home unless for a specific purpose or with a “reasonable excuse,” such as for work,if that cannot be done for home.

- Staying active is important, and those living in Tier 4 areas can continue to cycle – however they must either do this alone, with members of their household/bubble or with one person from outside their household/bubble.

- In terms of travel generally, people are not allowed to leave a Tier 4 area, or enter one from elsewhere, except for limited essential reasons, such as work, education and caring for vulnerable people – so if you commute by bike, and have to cross the boundary between tiers, that would appear to be permitted.

- As far as exercise is concerned, the government says: “People can also exercise outdoors or visit some public outdoor places, such as parks, the countryside, public gardens or outdoor sports facilities. You can continue to do unlimited exercise alone, or in a public outdoor place with your household, support bubble, or one other person.”

- Organised outdoor activity, such as coaching and cycle sport, for under-18s and disabled people is permitted in Tier 4 areas provided the following are observed:

  • People do not travel into or out of their Tier 4 area to participate.

  • Parents, helpers and guardians only attend to enable participation by under-18s and disabled people, and always maintain social distancing of 2m+.

  • Participants, parents, helpers and guardians do not mix with people from different households, e.g. by congregating at start and finish areas.

  • Coaches, officials and volunteers do not travel into or out of their Tier 4 area to support the delivery of activity.

- We envisage that British cycling will suspend all sanctioned activities in Tier 4 areas in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire as they did for the South West and the original Tier 4 lockdown areas, with the exception of outdoor activities for under-18s and disabled people.

- To note: although we will be closed over the New Year. we will be opening again on January 5th at 10am as we are classed as essential shopping (bike shops, as before, remain “essential” retailers).

Full guidance from the Government can be found here.

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