Extending your miles? 5 things to think about.

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

The COVID 19 Pandemic has given us all a little bit of time back, to fall in love with our bicycles again. And with time comes new goals, and new ambitions. If your new ambition is to up your miles to a Centuary ride, or just go further for longer, then we have 5 top tips for you to remeber in reaching for the goal. 1. Make it fit! Riding a bike that is incorrectly set up can feel like tourture, which only gets worse over time. Everyone is different in shape and size, so making sure your saddle height and stem length are right will ensure the bike is working with and not against you. A bike fit is a worthwhile investment if you are looking to spend your days in the saddle chasing better times.

2. Dress for comfort

No one but cyclists like to talk about sore backsides, but it is a discussion you will have at some point. Remeber Lycra is your friend! It molds to the body, helping compress muscles and provide more comfort than baggy alternatives, which are likely to rub and cause unsightly sores. There is a wide array of clothes availbale now, but one item to really think about spending that little bit extra would be on your shorts and chamois.

3. Nutrition

The longer you go, the more you have to fuel. Electrolytes, bars, gels, there are many nutritional products out there now to help you go further. As a rule of thumb, drink little and often, a sip every 10 minutes or so. For food, you should look to eat at least every hour, and use gels 15 minutes before a big effort, like climbing.

4. Intervals

To balance out a longer ride, try experimenting with some faster-paced riding. Sessions can be infinitely varied, but basically you are looking to ride faster for a short period, for example 10 minutes, followed by a recovery period and then a couple of repeats of the faster effort. Always include a good warm-up and cool-down before and after your session.

5. Reward yourself

We all worry about weight. on the bike through our componenets, and off the bike on the scales, but make sure you reward your hard efforts. Stop for a coffee and cake half way through a longer ride and enjoy it! You desrve it!

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