Autumn is coming

As the summer months draw to a close, in a year where either you have completed more miles than before, or have been nowhere near your goal because of restrictions of COVID-19, your thoughts are probably now starting to turn to autumnal riding.

Autumn is one of the best times of year to get out on your bike. Although we all dream of those long summer rides in short sleeves and 28 degree weather, We enjoy autumn as it allows for us to take stock of the previous season, and allows for us to set goals for the following year, whilst still building up the miles.

So what should look out for or be doing in readiness for Autumn cycling? 1. Your Fit

Now the events are fewer and far between, it’s a good idea to look at any issues you’ve had over the summer and find their actual causes. A good way to address some of these niggles or issues could be through a bike fit.

We often see high numbers of riders coming in for a bike fit in the springoften with assorted knee, lower back and wrist pains caused by ramping up the miles in response to sunny weather.

It’s a better idea to get a bike fit around nowthis way you’ll have loads of time in the saddle to adjust to any changes in readiness for next summer. Even if you have been riding for many years, It’s worthwhile every couple of years to ensuring your fit still fits. As the years pass our body changes and our posture can morph. You may be comfortable on your bike still, but a good bike fit can also increase your power output by encouraging you to use the right musclesgiving yourself all winter to train them up will provide the best results.

Call us now on 0115 953 7100 to book your expert bike fit by Mick

2. Pick goals and Plan

Sure, the summer has just passed. – but the experiences of this year (especially this year) will more than likely have inspired new desires. The NC500? London to Paris? Coast to Coast? An Average of 300w? It’s time to look at your goals for next summer right now. Plan the events you want to partake, the distance you want to achieve in 2021 or a dream FTP. Set the goals now and the off season miles will feel easier.

3. Be prepared and get outside

The weather might not be as nice as the nights draw in, but the cycling industry knows this, and there are many ways to make your ride just as comfortable in the Autumn / Winter as the Spring / Summer. From Mudguards, Winter tyres and lights, to clothing such as winter Bibs, jerseys, coats, overshoes or Spatz, we have them all to help you have a great ride. See here for who we stock 4. Join the Langdale Club Rides

At the time of writing, the rides are still not back because of COVID-19, but as soon as we are given the go ahead by Westminster, joining the Langdale club rides can really help your ambitions. See here for the latest information on upcoming rides

Riding with like-minded people, you will not only enjoy yourself, and make new friends, but you might pick up new tips and tricks on how to get the most from your riding.

5. Strip and clean your bike

If you have a dedicated winter bike, then don’t forget to strip down and clean your summer bike. Otherwise you’ll kick yourself next year when you get it out in late spring next year. If you’re riding the same bike all year, strip it down and prepare it for the winter months with all the accessories for great Autumn / Winter riding as we mentioned in point 3. Make sure you do it before the weather really turns! Mudguards, lights, winter tyres, etc. If you only have the one bike, why not think about getting a dedicated winter bike? We use great brands for this very purpose and would be happy to talk you through options available to you. From the likes of Orbea, Tifosi and Cinelli. All have bikes to suit your needs through the winter months, from full winter set ups, to gravel and cyclo-cross. You can see their ranges here

6. Indoor training

It’s easy to feel demotivated at this time of year–dark / gloomy weather that can hurt any desire to get on the bike.

For those days, then why not dedicate time towards your goals, on a Turbo Trainer or a dedicated indoor bike. From a Wattbike (standalone indoor trainer), to the TACX Neo 2 (direct Drive Turbo Trainer) you can keep motivation high and it’s never been easier with the immersive worlds that have been specifically built for cyclists, such as Fulgaz, Sufferfest, Rouvey or the increasingly ever popular Zwift. Although it's not everyone's cup of tea, if it is 50 mph winds, and hailing outside, then it’s a great option to keep your fitness levels high in time for next year

Let us know your top tricks in the comments below for Autumn / Winter cycling and if you need any information on the products we have shared with you on here, please just pop into the shop, drop us an email or call us.

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